Navata, Girona


Nuria Fabrega i Jordi Gich





The house of the Gich Fabrega Family is located on a rectangular plot at the entrance to the town with a very favorable orientation.

The project is a perfect mix of functionality and sustainability.

Thanks to the large plot it has been possible to develop all the rooms on one floor.

The house is organized in an L shape with an open angle of 120º to capture more solar hours.

In the short wing are the day rooms, while in the long wing there are the rooms.

Both the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen-dining room face the garden.

To reduce energy consumption, orientation and construction materials have been taken into account.

The walls of the house are made of cellular concrete, a material with a lot of inertia and yet breathable.

The roof of the house is made of wood to stop overheating in summer and heat loss in winter.

This project demonstrates that green and healthy construction is feasible.


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