What is SATE? and why you should use it at home

What is the SATE? Térmico System of Aislamiento SATE is a system of aislamiento on the outside of the Fachada and is used para el aislamiento térmico de Edificios, tanto of work Nueva como en rehabilitaciones de edificios. As a system SATE, a compute system for the outside Aislamiento (SATE-ETICS) that is supplied as conjunto […]

5 tricks to keep the house warm in winter

Today we present five tricks to keep the house warm in winter. If the cold doesn’t stop and the price of energy keeps going up… something we’ll have to do! At other times we have talked about how to save with heating, now we propose five homemade tricks to keep the house warm in winter […]

Where is the heat lost at home?

With winter, the need to activate mechanisms to save on heating is a common concern. Achieving this is only possible in buildings with maximum energy efficiency. And to achieve this, thermal analysis is essential. Thermography allows to record graphically the different temperatures of a space and discover where each point of heat loss or thermal […]

Energy certificate: what is it and what is it for?

Mortgages, interest rates, guarantees or certificates of habitability are terms and documents with which anyone who wants to buy a home is located, but for a few years there is another procedure to add to this list: the energy certificate. Any owner who wants to rent or sell a home must have the Energy Certificate […]

Concrete seen

Do you have concrete walls in the house and do not know how to take advantage of them to become a decorative object in itself? Well, this book of ideas is, then, for you. Also for all those lovers of this material that has been starring in many of the advances in architecture and, from […]

Ecological house

There is nothing better than respecting the environment than living in a home that coexists according to the norms of nature, this would be great for those of us who respect our environment. This is what happens with the eco-friendlyhouse.     They are made to respect and deal with nature, respect it to the […]

Renewable energy

In this small ticket I will explain how important renewable energies are both for our home and for the project we begin.   In Sabine Felbek Architecture  We know how important this is to get the use of energy without producing big changes in the weather. Renewable energies are clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive energy […]